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The Strong4Sam Foundation has partnered with the Fred Hutchinson Pediatric Oncology team to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research. Strong4Sam raises money exclusively to donate to Fred Hutchinson to specifically fund the research and development of pediatric cancer cures.

About Strong4Sam

Inspired by Sam Taylor, Strong4Sam was founded in 2015. Sam, who was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous brain tumor at age 11, is treated by Dr. Olson and his dynamic Fred Hutchinson pediatric team.

As Sam battles through his own illness, his wish to help Dr. Olson and his team find cures for all pediatric cancer patients inspired the growth of Strong4Sam.

Strong4Sam has pledged to raise $500,000 for Fred Hutch research: $250,000 has been raised and invested with Fred Hutch to date 100% of your donation goes directly to Fred Hutch research. (We have supporters who cover the credit card processing and other administrative fees to make this happen.)

We have already helped purchased a Spinnaker Micro plate Robot (named Sam), that speeds up research, increases efficiency and accuracy in cancer detection analytics from 12 a week to 500 a week because of precision and automation.


About The Taylor Family

"You never know how strong you are until strong is your only choice."- Bob Marley

The Taylor Family started the Strong4Sam Foundation in 2015 in support of Fred Hutch and their efforts to find more effective and less toxic cures for pediatric cancer.  

Facts We Are Up Against

  • Only 2% of nationally raised funds for cancer benefit pediatric cancer research
  • 46 kids a day are diagnosed with cancer and 7 kids will die of cancer each day
  • The treatments used today on kids with cancer are adult treatments (and most were developed over 20 years ago)



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