How Youth Can Making an Impact

Fundraiser Youth

1st-8th grade:


-Hold your own fundraiser:

Get together a group of your friends or do it on your own! Host a lemonade stand, bake sale, coin drive, car wash, or come up with your own idea. The possibilities are endless.

-Plan a fundraiser with your school, sports team, church group, etc.


Need some or ideas or want some help? Send us an email at

9th-12th grade (or entering 9th grade):


-Join our all-area club:

Where: TBH

When: TBH

What: An opportunity for an high schoolers or incoming freshman to make a difference! We will meet and every person will get a specific task to work on. A little more work than a regular club, but more rewarding and more money to be raised! The all-area club will have something for everyone from people interested in writing to those interested in photography. 

Fill out this form so you're updated on meeting information for the all-area club: [insert a google form].

-Join a high school Strong4Sam chapter (at Skyline and Issaquah):

Look for announcements at the beginning of the school year. 


-Start a Strong4Sam high school chapter: 

Read through our Strong4Sam club guide and send us an email at for some help. 





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